Egg Timer Utility for Games Players

Egg Timer is a simple, free, Windows countdown timer. You enter an amount of time, and it sounds an alarm when that time expires. Just like a real kitchen egg timer, and just as simple to use.

It's a great little utility for people who enjoy their PC games or internet browsing just a little too much. Set a time before you start, and it will let you know when the time is up.


Download Egg_Timer_1.0.0.exe, run it, and follow the instructions.

Using Egg Timer

Egg Timer displays the time remaining in hours, minutes, and seconds. To set it running, add some time by using the add time buttons, when it will start to count back down to zero. When it reaches zero, it will play a klaxon sound, and display a message box. To stop the sound playing, click on the "OK" button of the message box.

EggTimer screen shot

"+1 minute" - Adds one minute to the time remaining.

"+10 minutes" - Adds ten minutes to the time remaining.

Reset - Clears the time remaining, and stops the timer.

Five Minute Warning - If this box is ticked, the klaxon sound will be played briefly when five minutes of time remain.

Egg Timer Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Windows does it run on?

The application was tested on Windows Vista and Windows XP. It hasn't been tested on Windows 7 yet, but it should work there too.

Why doesn't the message box pop to the front?

It might seem sensible for the message box to pop to the front of the screen when the alarm goes off, so that it's in front of other windows. However, Microsoft don't like applications doing this sort of thing, and put lots of barriers in place to prevent it happening. It's possible to get round some of them, but it seems safest to assume that this won't happen reliably.

Where can I get the source code?

Actually, if you've installed the application, then you've already got it. Look in the Embrisk\Egg_Timer\source directory.

Where should I send comments and feedback

I'd love to here how you got on with this utility. Drop me a line at

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